We are Ntech Engineering Solutions- Engineering product design company – your next generation engineering solutions partner. We provide excellence in engineering for mechanical design in CAD,CAM,CAE, 3D Rapid Prototype, 3D Laser Scanning. Through our research and engineering with the help of expert dedicated team of licensed engineers, Ntech Engineering Solutions works closely with its clients through all stages of engineering activities.

Guaranteed Solutions

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THE BEST RESULTS ARE OBTAINED BY TASKING THE RIGHT PEOPLE TO THE RIGHT PROJECT ” We understand that everybody has their unique strengths and we put that knowledge to use by assembling the most efficient team possible for your project. You know your business better than anyone. Your insights, combined with our skills and creativity, will result in optimum solution to your engineering problem that will truly stand out. We’re ready to get started.


Our 4 steps process is straight forward, simple, & successful.


Like we said, the gen next people at Ntech Engineering Solutions prepare themselves for any kind of engineering solutions they are suppose to provide. People with various expertise from their respecive backgrounds sit around and start defining the line of path for the optimum solutions.


After defining the line of path, we plan accordingly. Which resource is to be used where to get the optimum solution at the earliest is determined. Our competent team is qualified enough to plan the best possible process to provide the solution that is best suitable for both – US and the CLIENT.


Now here where we call oursleves EXPERTS. Our efficient team of designers and engineers knows the nitty-gritty of all major designing softwares and the engineering involved in any particular project. The combination of knowledge and passion for design makes us EXPERTS.


The last phase of our process. We are bound to Deliver the idea and then converting it into realty and presentting it to the clients which is upto their expecations in the agreed time limit. We understand the effort that clients put behind their projects and we do not disapoint them when it comes to delivery of project.